Fabricated Bobbins

Precision Paper Tube has facilities for fabricating bobbins. PPT maintains a large inventory of machine dies, therefore tooling if required is minimal. These fabricated bobbins can be made out of a wide range of insulating materials. Both for the core tubing and flanges.


Additional Specifications
Fabricated Bobbin Core Material Secifications
Dielectric Strength (VPM)
Temperature Class °C
Specific Gravity
® Registered trademarks DuPont. 
Dielectric Kraft 165 90 (O) .77
Vulcanized Fiber 300 105 (A) 1.15
Resinite Standard Grade 260 105 (A) 1.24
Flame Retardant Resinite FR-9120 250 105 (A) 1.34
Mylar® 7,000 150 (B+) 1.39
Nomex® 720 220 (H+) .91


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