Kapton ®

General Description

 Kapton ® polyimide film is an extremely strong, transparent (amber) film that retains its high dielectric strength over a very wide range of temperatures. It remains flexible at liquid helium tem­perature (-269°C) and does not lose its strength until it reaches a temperature of +815°C. The tubing properties shown below are in a lower range as the sealing agent used to produce Kapton® tubing limits its high temperature usage.

Material Properties* :
Temperature Range - °C:  -269 to +400
Dielectric Strength - VPM (@ 25"C.):  7,000
Volume Resistivity - ohm/em (@ 200°C.):  1.0x1016
Moisture Absorption (@ 23.5°C.,50% RH): 1.3%
Flammabilit: Self-Extinguishing
* As provided by supplier.


Additional Information

Advantages: Tubing made of Kapton ® offer a rare combination of a high dielectric strength within an extreme temperature range. Kapton ® is flame resistant and begins to char only above 8OO°C. It does not melt and is self-extinguishing. It has excellent mechanical properties and is practically unaffected by moisture. There is no known organic solvent for Kapton ®.

Minimum Wall Thickness: .003" to .010" Tubing ID: .090" to 01.5"

Suggested Uses: Coil forms, capacitor and resistor covers, spacers, bobbins, slip-on wire insulation.