Flame Retardant Resinite ™

General Description

Resinite ™ FR9120 and FR9120-1 are spiral wound, neutral, natural, dielectric kraft tubing that has been impregnated with special flame retardant resins. FR9120 is the standard grade tubing for basic coil winding and bobbin use and FR9120-1 is the fabricating grade where further fabrication is required, such as punching, notching, threading, lugging or slitting.

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Resinite ™ is a registered trademark of Precision Paper Tube Company


Additional Information

Advantages: For the first time, a low cost, moisture resis­tant, paper base tubing for electrical and electron­ic uses in flame retardant applications. This tubing has all the attributes of well known Resinite™ tubing but in a flame retardant grade. 

Minimum Wall Thickness: .015"

Suggested Uses: Applications that must meet flame retar­dant specifications in electrical and electronic devices; particularly those that require the mechanical qualities of Resinite ™ such as transformers and coil forms, switch cov­ers, pilot light shields, etc.


Flame Retardant Resinite Tubing Use & Properties:
Material Properties: FR9120 R9120-1
Dielectric strength- VPM 250 250
Temperature Class - DC 105 (A) 105 (A)
Volume Resistivity(ohms/cm) 1.1 x 10ˆ12 1.5 - 10ˆ12
Dielectric Constant (@1 MHz) 2.62 2.73
MoistureAbs.(72hrs.@100%hu.) 2.91% 3.12%
Color (Surface) Blue/Green Brown/Black