Material Comparisons

Material Considerations and Comparisons

The tables on the right give you a comparison of the three major factors in determining the right material to use dielectric strength, temperature resis­tance, and cost. Usually the more resistant the first two, the higher the cost. But sometimes a good, lower cost substitute can be found.

Cost a Problem?

Maybe Dielectric Kraft can be substi­tuted for a more expensive product or perhaps tubing made of "Resinite" will solve the problem while giving you a mechanically stronger product. Speaking of strength, Vulcanized Fiber (fish paper) has a tensile strength some 80 times that of kraft and yet is still quite cost effective. If your product must conform to flame retardant specifications then either Flame Retardant Resinite or "Nomex" can do the job, FR Resinite is about half the cost of "Nomex" but sometimes the job requires the extremely high dielectric strength and temperature clas­sification of the latter product. Again, we can be a good guide in helping you determine the best way to go. We are only too glad to work with you and to supply samples for your inspection and testing.



The materials and specifications in this catalog are published only as a helpful suggestion in your own experimentation. The information is not intended to be used as design data. Our engineering departments will be glad to work with you on individual problems.