Dielectric Kraft

General Description

Tubing is made from medium density, neutral, natural, high quality, electrical grade papers that have been specifically produced for tube winding. Chemical properties, thickness and densities are closely controlled for Precision at the mill. Adhesive used is neutral and free from electrolytic cor­rosive action.

Material Properties* :
Dielectric strength- VPM min:  165 
AlEE Temperature Class - °C:  90(0) 
Chlorides - %:  .005
Ash -%: .481
Specific Gravity: .77
* As provided by mill. Based on 10 mil sheet. 


Additional Information
Advantages: The lowest cost electrical insulating material available for spiral wound tubing. Preferred for uses where low cost, good mechanical and dielectric strength are desired, and some moisture absorption can be tolerated. Material cost is used as comparison with other materials.

Minimum Wall Thickness: .006"

Suggested Uses: Coil forms, transformers, capacitor covers, pilot light shields, relays, solenoids, protect­ing covers, motor shaft spacers, ignition coils, fuses.


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